SIF teaches many practices and branches of yoga including yoga exercise, breathing, relaxation, yoga philosophy, yoga lifestyle, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, and more. SIF makes these ancient teachings available to modern audiences through television, internet, books and audio and video recordings, as well as in our centers and community settings.

The path of self-discovery is an individual one. It is not a team effort. As such, every one of us will have our own unique level of understanding or realization of truth as we individually progress along this path. The goal of Science of Identity Foundation is to support individuals on their personal path rather than providing a sense of belonging to a group or organization. You don’t need to join or convert to anything. Anyone—regardless of occupation, race, gender, age, religion, and so on—can add the yoga processes and techniques to their life and thus gradually increase their spiritual understanding, happiness, inner peace, and realization of life’s purpose.